Are you looking for indoor air quality services in Florence, KY? Knowing the condition of your indoor air is important to your health. Residential properties are especially at risk when it comes to indoor contaminants and harmful substances. With the proper equipment in place, you can filter out allergens and other dangerous pollutants.

Air quality testing provides you with the information you need to move forward. With this data in hand, you can plan how to address the quality of the air you breathe at home. Comfort Air Technologies LLC offers complete testing services for all-size homes.

If your home has a fireplace or gas appliances, an air quality test is highly recommended. Homes where smoking indoors is common can also benefit from testing. Pets also create air quality issues due to their dander and the odors they generate. Outdoor pollution can enter the home through cracks in the structure and through open doors and windows. Filtration and purification products are reliable ways to remove these problems from the home. We help you identify and eliminate problems with indoor air.