Air conditioners are essential appliances for most U.S. homes, keeping indoor air cool and breathable. If your cooling system malfunctions or you need to install a new one, you need to contact a professional technician immediately. Installing such a complex system by yourself can be risky for the following various reasons.

You Could Void Your Warranty

ACs are complex and expensive. That is why you likely need a warranty to cover some costs in the event that your system needs new parts. Many AC manufacturers require that a licensed technician install the system to keep the warranty in force. Therefore, attempting DIY installation is likely to mean you will have to pay out of pocket for any replacements.

You Lack Adequate Skills

Licensed technicians undergo months of training and have years of experience handling AC systems. An average homeowner does not possess the skills required to install an air conditioner successfully. Instead of saving you money, a DIY attempt can cost you more because if something goes wrong, you will need an HVAC professional to fix it. Calling the pros will also save you time, as they have the knowledge and skills to do the job efficiently.

It Is Dangerous

An air conditioner uses high electrical voltage to run. It also has many parts and wires that work together. You can be electrocuted if you lack the tools necessary to handle electrical components. Additionally, refrigerant can leak if handled incorrectly, posing a health hazard. Attempting DIY installation can also be risky since your unit may get damaged. The cost of replacing the damaged AC is more than calling a professional to install it for you.

Contact the Experts

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