Even the most energy-efficient furnaces need repairs from time to time and regular maintenance. This is why it’s so important to prioritize HVAC care. Still, even the most well-maintained furnaces will eventually break down. An annual inspection of the furnace allows a professional to check for any wear and tear, repair any broken components and decide when a replacement is necessary. Old age, frequent repairs and rising energy bills are three key signs it’s time to replace the furnace.

1. Old Age

A furnace’s reliability and efficiency both decline over time. If your furnace is more than 15 years old or is about to reach that age, an HVAC technician will probably tell you it’s best to replace it with a new, higher-efficiency model. Replacing the unit rather than fixing it may require a greater initial expenditure, but the money you save on your monthly energy costs will more than make up for it.

2. Frequent Repairs

If your furnace needs a lot of attention and repairs, this means it isn’t operating at peak performance. It’s like trying to drive a vehicle that constantly breaks down. Replacing your current heating system with a more efficient and cost-effective one will put you at ease, allowing you to efficiently heat your home without having to call a repairman every few weeks.

3. Rising Heating Bills

Your heating expenses will keep getting higher if you ignore a broken or worn-out furnace. A modern, more energy-efficient unit will help you save money on your heating bills while also increasing your home’s comfort. The best way to decide whether your furnace is the source of rising energy bills is by speaking with a certified technician.

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