The cooling season in Florence is longer than our neighbors to the north. Our air conditioners may run for several extra weeks each year. This extra energy use affects our utility bills and impacts the environment. Hopefully, 2023 updates to the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) standards will improve the situation.

What Is SEER?

SEER measures how much energy an air conditioner or heat pump uses in a year. In the SEER scale, a higher number means a more efficient unit with less energy use over time.

The technology required to improve efficiency comes with a cost. Although some products have a SEER rating of 25, more affordable air conditioners fall into the 15 to 18 range.

Improvements in Every Region

The Department of Energy uses the SEER rating system to determine the standards for products in use across the country. Beginning on January 1, 2023, every region will see a one-point increase in the approved SEER level. Kentucky is in the southern zone, and our SEER minimum will shift from 14 to 15.

The northern zone has lower standards because of its shorter cooling season and generally cooler temperatures. States like Ohio and Michigan will see their minimum SEER rating increase from 13 to 14.

The Effect on New Equipment

For most customers, these changes will not affect you until you are in the market for a new system. In the southern region, businesses can only sell AC units that meet the 2023 SEER standards. If a contractor has non-compliant equipment in stock, they will want to try to move it to a supplier in the northern zone.

Northern states have a little more flexibility. They can still sell equipment at a lower SEER level so long as it was manufactured before January 1, 2023.

Your Partner for a Comfortable Home

If you have questions about your air conditioning system, the experts at Comfort Air Technologies LLC are ready to help. We can help you choose a unit that meets SEER requirements and has sufficient power to keep your Florence home at the right temperature.

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