February 3

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. Many sources can negatively affect indoor air quality (IAQ), such… View Article Read More

Advantages of Having an Electric Furnace in Florence, KY
January 5

Advantages of Having an Electric Furnace in Florence, KY

The heating choices for residential and commercial buildings in Florence, KY, have evolved over the years. Initially, the use of open fires and wood-burning stoves… View Article Read More

Four Most Common Problems With Furnaces
January 4

What is The Cheapest Method of Heating a Home?

As mentioned, there are four main fuel sources to use when heating your home. Some locations offer all of them while others only offer one… View Article Read More

September 19

What Maintenance Does a Furnace Need?

Every homeowner knows the importance of a well-functioning furnace, especially during the chilly months. Just like any other appliance, a furnace requires regular attention to… View Article Read More

HVAC system services in Florence, KY
June 6

Common Solutions to AC Problems

With most homeowners relying on a home air conditioning system to keep their families comfortable and healthy throughout the long summer season, it’s no surprise… View Article Read More

HVAC system services
May 15

5 Steps to an Annual AC Tune-Up

Keeping your air conditioner well-maintained is the key to a comfortable home. One way to optimize your system is to schedule an AC tune-up. An… View Article Read More

HVAC services in Florence, KY
April 12

How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioner Maintained?

Many people do not realize the importance of having their air conditioner regularly maintained. Depending on how often you use your air conditioner, you should… View Article Read More

HVAC services in Florence, KY
March 20

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

Your furnace is an essential component of your home that keeps living spaces warm and comfortable. Like any other home appliance, your furnace needs proper… View Article Read More

Furnace in Florence, KY
February 14

Should You Replace Your 25-Year-Old Furnace?

An older furnace will begin to operate less efficiently with time, making it more difficult to keep your home warm. If you are still undecided,… View Article Read More

Savings in Florence, KY
December 13

Keeping Cool According to the 2023 SEER Standards

The cooling season in Florence is longer than our neighbors to the north. Our air conditioners may run for several extra weeks each year. This… View Article Read More