Your furnace is an essential component of your home that keeps living spaces warm and comfortable. Like any other home appliance, your furnace needs proper care and maintenance to ensure efficient and safe operation.

Proper furnace care is important for its longevity and energy efficiency. Neglecting your furnace can lead to safety hazards such as carbon monoxide leaks and fires. Knowing the signs and symptoms of a failing furnace allows you to make smart decisions about whether to repair or replace it. Will a minor repair do the job, or is replacement needed to ensure your continued comfort?

Strange Smells and Noises

Smells such as burning, musty smells, and chemical smells are a sign to you that something is wrong with your unit. Strange noises like banging and popping could mean different components may have broken loose and are bouncing around your system, causing damage with every cycle. Having your furnace serviced immediately if these things happen may save you from needing to replace the furnace. If it requires a major repair, you’ll want to weigh the cost of the repair with the cost of a new furnace.

No Heat

If your furnace is starting up and cycling but has little or no heat, it usually indicates that your system is past its prime. If you have a gas furnace, continuing to fire up your system when there’s no heat output can be dangerous.

Pilot Light Issues

Your pilot light is an integral part of your gas furnace. If your pilot light is not igniting or is burning yellow rather than blue, you have a malfunctioning component that will not efficiently heat your home.

Signs Of Total Furnace Failure

Regardless of how well you care for and maintain your furnace, it does have a life expectancy. If your furnace is aging, replacing it with a new, energy-efficient model may be more cost-effective.

We’ll Ensure Furnace Efficiency!

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