As mentioned, there are four main fuel sources to use when heating your home. Some locations offer all of them while others only offer one or two. Since the US has a plentiful supply of natural gas, it makes it the cheapest fuel source to use in most cases. It does, however, create a bigger carbon footprint than things like electricity.

Efficient Heating Systems for Your Home

There are several choices for what heating systems to use regardless of the sort of fuel source you choose. The three main types of heating systems are furnaces, heat pumps and boilers.


Furnaces are often the most efficient, especially when using either natural gas or electricity. They use a heat exchanger to heat air and blow it through a duct system around your home using a blower fan.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling, which helps you save money. They can capture heat from the air and from underground, even in winter. They use refrigerant to carry hot air in and out of your home, depending on the season. They use a small amount of electricity, so they’re more efficient than an electric furnace and better for the environment.


Boilers heat up water in a tank and pump it through pipes to heat your home with radiators. Natural gas boilers can be just as efficient as furnaces.

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